Summer Capsule Sew-a-long

I just found out about this summer capsule sew-a-long and I am going to try and participate.

I have a wardrobe staple of 3 dresses, 2 yoga pants, and 2 t-shirts.  My colors are black, gray, and navy that I wear all of the time.  My two t-shirts are fuschia and royal blue.  I am very boring it seems!  It is so much easier to sew pretty dresses for girls!

I first have to find out what my body type is so that I can find out what styles will suit me.  I am trying to figure out if I am a plain straight/rectangle or if I have an hourglass figure…ha!

I then have to figure out what colors I lean towards (or what I would like to wear more).  I went to design seeds at to find some color combinations I feel comfortable with.  Here is what I found that I like:
FigHues_2  CreatureHues  NatureHues  OrchidTones_4 PassifloraHues   StalkedTones

I am immediately drawn to the blues and creams.  The fig pallette is my first choice of what I would like to base my wardrobe on.  I would like to also include an olive and a plum color.  Those colors would be pretty for a summer wardrobe!

I will now have to think about some wardrobe basics:

9 bottoms

15 tops

2 dresses

2 jackets

…and 9 pairs of shoes  (Right now I will be happy with just 2 pairs)

I will now have to go and figure out what patterns I want to sew up…

Here are some useful links to find out what this is all about and how to get started:

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(to be continued)