I made this cute birthday outfit for a friend.  Can you guess the theme of the party?  🙂


I used the Darby Shorts from Brownie Goose.  I am in love with this pattern.  The shorts are a cute bubble short with leg cuffs and button tab details on the legs.  The are two pocket variations on the pattern.  I chose to do the bottle neck pocket.  I think that this pocket is more of a decorative feature than an actually functional…but it is unique and is a very cute feature.

For the shirt, I chose to do an applique of ruched fabric strips for the rainbow and since the material for the clouds was so thin, I had the thought of layering the clouds for a 3D effect.

I just cut out 1 inch strips for the rainbow and did a rolled hem on the edges.  I then ran two gathering stitches to scrunch up the strips.  I ironed the clouds onto some very thin interfacing and before cutting it out I went ahead and outlined it with blue thread.


After layering the clouds over the rainbow.  I then just did little running stitches all over the clouds to anchor it onto the shirt and also for decorative purposes.


I like the effect.  It looks like the clouds are floating over the rainbow.



Thanks for stopping by!




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